Dare, Win, or Disappear • Ten facts about me



Ten facts about me

1. I’m throwing a tea party today. (with actual tea and cupcakes and small food)

2. My birthday is September first

3. Im really hungry right now (i just woke up)

4. I always get yelled at for talking really loudly

5. I legitimately want to work in a circus some day

6. There is bubble wrap sitting on the floor of my room, its just there to play with, there is no good reason for it.

7. I am American

8. Whenever I call my stupid dog “Stupid Dog” I always hear it in Eustace’s voice

9. It makes me seriously sad when no one knows a book that I’m really fond of.

10. Sometimes the coolness of Neil Gaiman sort of just strikes me at random and makes me stop whatever I am doing.